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Get the practical tools and resources to learn how to master stress so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

Hi, I’m Dr Jenny Brockis

An award-winning keynote speaker, trained medical practitioner, certified physician in lifestyle medicine and author of the bestselling book: Smarter Sharper Thinking.

I have a question…

How are you really feeling?

With all the many and rapid adjustments we’ve all had to make in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are continuing to make, you can be forgiven for feeling a tad (pick whichever applies):

overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, concerned, worried or exhausted.

In the midst of this massive change, it’s normal to be feeling more stressed. Your sleep may be disturbed, you might be having some weird dreams and you’re aware of this nagging uncertainty around, ‘how long will this go on for? When will things get back to ‘normal’, whatever our new normal may be?’.

No one has the answers.

What matters is knowing how to effectively handle the stress you’re currently experiencing so it doesn’t get you down.

To have a set of strategies in place you know will help you work through the challenges and heartbreak to come out the other end stronger, more confident in your capabilities and inspired to take on the ‘what’s next?’.

If you’re keen to gain mastery of your stress, I’ve put together an eight-week program that takes you through the what, why and how.

The reason for putting this together is because I’ve been getting so many calls from people who have a whole heap of worries and concerns that are getting them down, that extend far beyond the concern about the COVID-19 infection and the economic gloom.

Things like: 

I know I’m supposed to be looking after my self-care and I know what to do. I just can’t find the motivation and it’s making me feel guilty.

What can I do for those times when the sense of overwhelm and anxiety become more intolerable?

I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s really hard when friends, family and the news are always negative.

It’s hard being human right now

To understand how stress works, how it can work to your favour and how to keep it in the safety zone, this course will provide the information, the resources and the practical tools you need to master your own stress so you can get back to living life under your own terms.

Week by week, you’ll gain new understanding around why you think and behave the way you do in certain situations and what the science and positive psychology has shown to work.

During the 8-week program, you’ll have access to my Stress Mastery Community and each week you’ll receive a video lesson and a downloadable worksheet, and spend a ‘live’ session with me to answer all your questions.

The Thriving Mind Stress Mastery Program

Your 8-week Online Program to help take back control of your emotions


Find the support you need

Unite and chat with a group of likeminded people in my exclusive Slack community.


Understand your stress

Learn how stress works, how to recognise the warning signs that your stress level is reaching the danger zone, and more.


Unwind and destress

Get the clarity and resources you need to manage your emotions and unwind with ease. 


Live life on your terms

Discover what it takes to thrive in our brave new world with simple stress-busting strategies.

“Dr Jenny is quite simply amazing!”

– Joint Managing Director, Executive Assistant Network

“Interesting, enjoyable and impactful “

– Manager Programs Group Principals Australia Institute

The Thriving Mind Stress Master Program is

An 8-week online program about how our stress works, shown by neuroscience and positive psychology, so you can take back control of your emotions and get back to living life on your own terms.

It’s precise – Each week you’ll receive a downloadable worksheet that recaps the key points from the lesson, and that provides some additional resources and personal homework to complete.

It’s practical – With a smorgasbord of tools to implement, you can develop stress-mastering lifestyle habits to act on immediately.

It’s easy to follow – The program is laid out into eight separate modules, with each broken down into a series of smaller easily digestible lessons.

It’s backed by science Formed on a trusted framework that is science-based and backed by research, so you know what really works.

What’s included?

Tools, Tips and strategies

The Thriving Mind Stress Mastery Program provides you with the tools, tips and strategies to manage your stress.

This type of brain fitness isn’t just for work, it helps you in all other aspects of your life as well.

8 Modules
The program is broken down into eight separate modules each containing a series of video lessons, a worksheet, some additional resources and homework.

This enables you to immediately put into action those tips and strategies that will help you the most. Building week by week, this allows you to build your knowledge base, so you know what to do next and how it all works.

Stress Mastery Slack Community
You’ll gain instant access to my Stress Mastery Community on Slack, where you can share your experiences, comments and questions.

Each week a topic about stress will be discussed and, best of all, it provides a platform for you to celebrate all your wins.

Nothing beats a virtual high-five and congratulatory message to boost your motivation and desire to master your stress.

Live Q&A
Got a question? Each Friday you’ll be invited to join me for a live Q&A session to discuss any questions about the week’s topic and spend a live session with me to answer all your questions.
“Jenny’s message is imperative for everyone living in this multi-gadget, multi-tasking world. It is frightening how much pressure we put on our most valuable possession, our brain.”

– Manager Aspire UWA Student Support Services


How long do I need to spend on the program each week?
Most of the modules can be completed in one to two hours. The video lessons typically run for 10 – 15 minutes each and the workbook is designed to be easily completed within 30 minutes.

How long you spend diving into the resources is up to you.

I’m so busy and don’t know how I’m going to fit in the time to do the progam. What if I can’t keep up?
While it’s suggested you tackle the program with one module per week, if your work or family commitments make this too hard then just do it at a slower pace.

Once enrolled you will have lifetime access to the program.

Understanding how stress affects your thinking and behaviours will help you to get better at managing not just your stress and commitments but also your time, energy and motivation to put all those new brain-healthy habits into action.

Will I benefit from this program?
Stress management is important for everybody at every age, no matter your job, workload or mindset. So, if you’re already visiting this page, I expect that you’ll find what you’re looking for in the program.

The aim of this program is to instil new lifestyle habits that, just like brushing your teeth every day, become your usual way of doing, requiring little or no conscious effort to remember.

By making small incremental changes to your lifestyle and workplace practices, you can achieve greater clarity of thought, reduce the impact of too much stress and regain the energy and vitality needed to thrive at work and home.





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