How to get more creative focus, with future brain author Dr. Jenny Brockis

This interview first appeared on CreativeLifeShow.com

What would you achieve with more focus in your creative life? I’ve invited the terrific Dr Jenny Brockis, author of the bestselling Future Brain, to come and talk how we can boost our creative work by understanding how our brains work and how we use them in our daily life and work.

We have a great conversation, and Jenny shares some fantastic tips and advice. We talk about:

  • The brain difference in creative people, and what that means for focus
  • Why focus is a double-edged sword for creatives, and how to manage it
  • How to get more creative focus in your daily life
  • When you want less focus rather than more (yes, really)
  • The one thing that all of us – creative or not – need to do for our brain health

We also talk about Jenny’s own journey about walking away from a successful medical career with nothing more than an idea that she needed to do something different, and how she used a year of living creatively to build a whole new direction and life.

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