Looking to be more creative? Start by getting more sleep

Sweet sleep. Something that unfortunately something that either eludes us when we want it or we deliberately try to do with less of. The thing is we need sleep in order to function well, especially if it’s important to have a degree of focus and innovation in your workday.

The bottom line is, too little sleep impairs your cognition. It impacts:

  • your mood  – been a little grumpy lately?
  • your memory – forgetting more things recently?
  • your understanding – so you did misinterpret that last email your colleague sent you?
  • your resilience – it’s OK to cry, but tears in meetings can upset everyone

Overall it reduces performance, significantly.

Harvard Medical School researchers estimate sleep deprivation costs US companies $63.2 billion in lost productivity every year

In our world of flexi-time, overtime and shift work, dealing with sleep is essential for the health and safety of all in the workplace, as well as our physical and mental well being.

David Rock from the Neuroleadership Institute wrote a great article on how sleep can derail us all.

You can read it here.

Are you getting enough sleep?

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