Improve your and your team’s ability to think, focus and collaborate together to drive impact and innovative results.

                   FIT FOR THE FUTURE :                      12 month program

The Future Brain Program is delivered as a series of full or half day workshops and master classes over twelve months.

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It comprises three components that can also be delivered as stand-alone topics


  1. Better Cognitive Health
  2. Better Thinking
  3. Better Relationships

For effective and sustainable change

  • Enhance your creativity and innovation through the mental performance of your team
  • Manage modern-day workplace distractions for everyone
  • Improve critical thinking across the entire organisation
  • Discover the untapped potential of every workplace of the future
  • Use the business of relationships to better your progress and amplify results

Staying sharp and one step ahead of the pack in today’s competitive landscape requires the ability to adapt to rapid changes and to always think ahead. We must challenge what has always be done, and ask what can be done differently to make it better.

The problem is that high stress, silo thinking, overwhelm and mental fatigue are dragging our ability to create and think critically down. Our individual performance and that of our whole organisation is suffering as a result.

We need workplaces that enable everyone to operate at their true potential by creating a culture of shared values and beliefs; a safe environment that acknowledges contribution, results, and nurtures strong positive interpersonal relationships.

We need a higher level of mental agility, flexibility and innovative thinking in every team, in every organisation, across the world.

It’s not what we know anymore, but how well we think that counts.

This program shows you how.

  • Understand the inner workings of the best weapon you have in every team in your organisation today
  • Learn about the renewable energy sources that power your work and life
  • Gain confidence, competence and capability in everything you do

Looking after our cognitive health is essential for success in work and life.

When we’re not performing at our best we struggle with tiredness, overwhelm and make poor decisions that impact our entire lives, as well as that of our organisation.

Peak performance comes from putting in the preparatory work first – that’s exactly what we will do in this workshop.

We’ll work together to implement effective strategies that become the norm, not just a Band-Aid solution. We’ll optimise the thinking skills, energy and focus for every individual in your team and organisation, to drive real results and real impact in the long term.


            Fitter By Design                      

  • Is it time to give your brain a performance review?
  • The seven lifestyle choices essential to your brain health and mental performance
  • No more fake news. The truth about how your food, exercise and sleep  help you to think at your best
  • Avoiding the 3 o’clock slump by tapping into your renewable energy sources
  • Got the intention but run out of willpower? How to successfully integrate your goals into your life and work

                       BETTER THINKING:                         Thinking Smarter By Design

  • How to pay better attention, stay focused and remember what matters
  • How to develop an effective distraction management plan
  • Why being more mindFULL helps you to get more done
  • The one brain function that gets WORSE with practice
  • The one mental skillset every HR manager is now looking for


  • Improve focus and critical thinking in your team to drive innovation
  • Develop and implement an effective distraction management plan
  • Learn how to be more mindFULL at work to increase bottom-line results

Being fit, fast and focused is the key to being adaptable, flexible and creative in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

But our drive to be more efficient and more productive in an organisation usually does more harm than good. To really work smarter, we need to implement strategies that help us focus and find creative thinking space.

In this workshop, we’ll integrate the latest neuroscience practices to ensure faster problem solving, better decision-making and more new ideas, while reducing procrastination and stress that can lead to low engagement and high absenteeism.

Learn how to nurture the right minds and mindsets in your team to promote curiosity and opportunities that drive success.

  • Master the art of effective collaboration
  • Create a working environment that supports, nurtures and values everyone and every body
  • Promote deeper, more meaningful relationships to drive engagement and motivation throughout your whole organisation.

Working with others is one of our biggest challenges, especially in an organisation where there are different perspectives, belief systems and ways of doing things.

This leads to conflict, tension and low performance or engagement scores. Leaders are continuously fighting fires and the entire business suffers as a result.

Understanding why we think and behave the way we do, helps us to better understand why others think the way they do. This helps us to develop greater mutual understanding, tolerance and respect and creates a coherent culture.

In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively navigate this kind of landscape, to work with others, to collaborate and come up with creative solutions that benefit your business and your bottom-line as a result.

                  BETTER RELATIONSHIPS:                        Thriving By Design


  • Mastering the art of effective communication by understanding how your mood, emotion and stress impact how you think
  • How to keep everyone (including yourself) working towards common shared goals.
  • Why getting your daily DOSE promotes healthy and effective working relationships.
  • The two essential ingredients that drive engagement, retention and greater happiness at work.

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