Are you working from home?

Will you be needing to adapt quickly and effectively to a new work environment?

What if you could do so more productively, efficiently and in a way that’s safer and healthier for everyone?

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I have a question…

Are you working well from home?

While working from home has been a growing phenomenon increasing by 159% between 2005 and 2017, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need for employees to adapt quickly and effectively to a change in their working environment.

When done well, working from home can be efficient and of benefit to everyone, but a number of challenges need to be addressed to make this happen.

I’m working from home because of COVID-19. They said it would also be good for business. More productivity, less distractions. Meanwhile… I can’t stop taking photos of my dog!

Reddit Contributor

After starting to work from home, I rarely went out and my anxiety went up 10 fold. I’m now making changes but I need some advice. How do I keep calm and stay social?

Working from Home Forum Contributor

I find there is no gulf between work and personal time. If I can’t sleep, I’ll start work at 5 am and work through to 5 pm. I know it’s not sustainable but at least I’m being productive, right?

Whirlpool Contributor

Webinar Series: Working Well from Home

Introductory Webinar

Working from home can seem fun and different but changing up the work environment on a larger scale with little time for preparation can have some drawbacks.

In this session, we will address:

1. The elephant in the room – why this is happening and the impact it’s having on our thinking, behaviours and emotional state.

2. Identifying the common major challenges to working from home and those for your particular industry.


•  Isolation and loneliness
•  Time management
•  Miscommunication

3. Creating a plan that incorporates getting the environment right, ensuring the appropriate resources are available and security considerations.

4. Establishing agreed protocols to boost productivity and efficiency while avoiding procrastination, distraction or overwork.

5. Key essentials to everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Three-part Webinar Series

Available as stand-alone sessions or as a series of three

Webinar one - Preparation before action
This session will cover:

  1. Looking after the environment

•  Setting up the working space
•  Creating boundaries to separate home from work
•  Avoiding overwork – knowing when to stop
•  Routines, rituals and procedures – what works to maintain focus and productivity

  1. Focus on physical health

•  Strategies to alleviate stress, boost mood and encourage ongoing contribution and collaboration

Webinar Two - On track, on time and doing the best you can
This session will cover: 

1.  What drives our motivation to work and how to keep that flame alive when separated from our colleagues.

2.  Tackling the underlying stress effect (of Covid-19) on thinking and behaviour 

3.  The role of gratitude, contribution and looking out for each other

4.  Responsibility, accountability and looking out for each other

Webinar Three – Positively well and thriving
This session will cover:

  1. Focus on mental wellbeing – the gateway to happiness, productivity and results:

•  Positive support strategies to working from home
•  Warning signs to be aware of
•  Your action plan for dealing with anxiety and or depression

  1. Checking in:

•  What’s proving hard?
•  What’s working well?
•  What could be better and what would that look like?

  1. Looking after the social connection:

•  How to avoid loneliness, boredom and maintain the team spirit
•  Virtual networking and working from home health checks

The thought of working from home sounds so great but it can quickly become very isolating and ineffective – it takes far more discipline to work well from home.

Working Well from Home Webinar Series

How to change up your work environment and become happy, healthy and thriving while working from home


Create the right environment

Discover how to create boundaries to separate home from work and avoid overwork.


Stay well

Get the strategies to alleviate stress and boost your mood, and develop an action plan to stay mentally well.


Boost productivity

Find out what works to maintain focus and productivity and learn how to keep motivation alive when separated from colleagues.


Stay connected

Create a plan for checking in with yourself and others, discover how to avoid loneliness and learn how to maintain the team spirit.





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