Greater Mental Capacity Through Brain Fitness – Dr. Jenny Brockis

This interview originally appeared on Mojo Radio Show

A Fitter Brain means Greater Mental Capacity Leading to Better Performance.

Our mental potential is massive if we choose to use our brains the way they were best designed for.

Forward thinking businesses and organisations know that their future success will require more than technology and expertise alone – they need to tap into their greatest and most valuable asset – the minds of those who work for them.

Dr. Jenny Brockis, Medical Practitioner, healthy brain advocate and future mind planner has long been fascinated by the brain and human behaviour.  Elevating brain and organisational health is the way forward to build personal and professional capability, achievement and happiness. This show is a powerful reminder of what we can do to enhance our brains capacity.

Here’s what we cover in this weeks show.

  • What sort of work does Dr Jenny do on a daily basis
  • Why study the brain?
  • Why today’s medical practitioners be more skilled in brain health
  • The dream for Dr Jenny – To become the Jamie Oliver of brain fitness.
  • The value of the RIGHT type of exercise on brain health
  • How to improve our brains capacity an fitness?
  • Stress is damaging our brains, but is all stress bad?
  • How does our brain view change?
  • Leadership lessons for enhancing the brain of our team members.
  • How abbreviated texts and tweets can be damaging our brains?
  • How technology is impacting our perception of time in the brain.
  • Does gratitude journalling actually help your brain?
  • Rituals that allow for deep work or deep thinking daily.
  • What are the unessentials that Dr Jenny has removed from her world?
  • The impact of music on the brain – does it actually effect the brain?



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