What if you could take back control of your thoughts, sharpen your focus and stay present in all facets of your life?

What if you could deepen meaningful relationships to enhance contribution, collaboration and effective teamwork?

What if you could help others in a greater way and become a better version of you?

Hi, I’m Dr Jenny Brockis

Creating Thriving Teams and Leaders

I’m an award-winning keynote speaker, a trained medical practitioner, a certified physician in lifestyle medicine and the author of the bestselling book: Smarter Sharper Thinking.

As a medical doctor and lifestyle physician, I share what the science has shown to work, translating the complexities of the neuroscience into readily understandable tools that can be easily integrated into your life without feeling like a hassle or chore.


Before I get started…

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword. So, what is it about mindfulness that is attracting so much interest?

Meditation has been practised for thousands of years. It has been associated with Buddhist and other religions and, since the 1980s, it has been used as a stress management tool, assisting people to lower their stress levels and enjoy a sense of greater calm, better attention and wellbeing.

Neuroscience can now reveal what is actually happening inside the brain when people practise mindfulness meditation and the full benefits are only now coming to be appreciated. Mindfulness is now being used as a means to thrive in our busy work and home environments and is now included in many corporate wellness programs, as well as being taught in schools, universities and the armed forces.

Mindfulness is a way of slowing down your mind to see and think more clearly.

My mindFUL meditation series is designed to provide you with what it takes to…

Keep your brain healthy

People who practice mindfulness stay healthier, sleep better and even live longer!

Self-regulate Your Thoughts

Mindfulness hones attention and focus, enhances learning and memory, and boosts creativity and decision making.

Build Stress Resilience

Mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce stress, lower cortisol levels and reduce the risk of stress-related illness, anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness training enables participants to be aware of current sensations, feelings and states of mind to examine possible solutions and make decisions based on clear, focused thinking.

It broadens perspective, enables big picture thinking and enhances interpersonal communication and understanding.

Three-part Webinar Series

Available as stand-alone sessions or as a series of three

Webinar one - Minding Your Mind

We live in challenging times. Overwork, overwhelm and busyness can make it hard to think straight, let alone make good decisions. If stress or anxiety are getting in your way of coping well, mindfulness meditation can provide a way for you to take back control of your thoughts, sharpen your focus and stay present in all facets of your life.

In this introductory session, you will learn:

•  What mindfulness is all about, what it isn’t and why it’s a vital part of your wellbeing practice

•  The advantage of knowing how to come off autopilot

•  How stress impacts your mental bandwidth

•  How mindfulness meditation works to dial down stress and busyness and dial up attention and clarity of thought

•  A brief introduction to two simple mindfulness techniques

•  Creating the habit

Webinar Two - Managing emotions and our relationships

Every decision, every person you interact with, is influenced by your state of mind, your emotions, biases and assumptions. Managing your emotions is key to deepening meaningful relationships that enhance contribution, collaboration and effective teamwork

In this session, you will explore:

•  Why relationships matter to your success – how mindfulness works to build tolerance and understanding

•  The four factors that promote stronger relationships

•  Why compassion starts with you – building trust

•  Banishing the imposter – using loving-kindness for greater self-acceptance

Webinar Three – Building Resilience, wellbeing and happiness

Resilience is far more than mental toughness or grit. It’s also about stepping back for rest and recovery, and helping others.

In this session, you will discover:

•  How mindfulness works to leverage inclusion and build psychological safety

•  Which positive mindful habits foster greater mental wellbeing

•  How to create tiny habits to create a ripple of change, making mindfulness part of who you are and what you do

•  Review of different techniques and technologies to help

MindFULness in Action Webinar Series

How to think big, see clearly and thrive in our busy world


Learn about mindfulness

Discover what mindfulness is all about and how mindfulness meditation works to recuce stress and improve clarity of thought.


Create mindful habits

Learn two simple mindfulness techniques and create the habit of mindfulness.


Strengthen relationships

Understand how mindfulness works to build tolerance and understanding, and learn why compassion starts with you.


Foster greater wellbeing

Recognise which positive mindful habits foster greater mental wellbeing and learn how to implement tiny habits to create a ripple of positive change.





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