We can all become high-performance thinkers. I reveal how with keynote speeches that engage and inspire.

Get all brains working at your next conference

As an award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician specialising in brain health and mental performance, I have been long fascinated by the human brain and behaviour.

In my presentations, I share my knowledge and expertise as easy to understand concepts and strategies that can be readily implemented to boost mental performance.


Thriving by Design

When our brains and bodies are doing their best we increase our ability to work with other people, think critically and deliver innovative results, which leads to happy, thriving humans and workplaces.

I work with clients to create brain-savvy leaders who seek to think smarter and innovate more, work more effectively, and get more out of life and work.

To have the smarts and work in a job that you love is hugely rewarding but how many workplaces offer the ideal environment that enables everyone to work to their true potential?

I help you understand why you think and act the way you do, and then implement science-backed behavioural change so you can make distractions, foggy thinking and mental roadblocks a thing of the past.

My mission – should you choose to accept – is to empower all to create high-performance brains, brains that can adapt and change to enjoy smarter, sharper thinking, greater mental flexibility and agility to thrive in the place we call work.

My vision is to co-create brain-friendly workplaces that reignite energy, drive and passion to boost mental performance and higher-order thinking.

Thriving Mind: Making Mental Wellbeing The Norm

The next epidemic is already here. The mental health crisis unleashed by Covid-19 requires a new way of thinking and a new approach. Because prevention is no longer an option

Preventing Burnout: That’s smart work

Overwork, over committed and too much severe chronic stress is the perfect storm to greater burnout. It’s a terrible waste of human potential and entirely preventable.

Uncover the untapped potential in your workplace: With psychological safety

Please stop doing engagement surveys NOW. They don’t serve any useful purpose. With the war for talent, economic uncertainty and continuing uncertainty knocking on your door it’s time to future proof your business using greater psychological safety.


“Jenny had the audience in the palm of her hand. Her presentation was informative, inspiring and a call to action. All in attendance benefited from this very professional presentation.”

– Corporate Membership Director, The Western Australian Club

Dr Jenny Brockis Keynote Speaking

Dr Jenny is quite simply amazing. Her very affable style and manner, as well as her content, made her an enormous hit at our conference. From the moment she got on stage, it was clear that everyone in the room was enthralled by what she was discussing – not to mention her props!!!”


– Joint Managing Director, Executive Assistant Network

Keynote 1

Thrive By Design: It’s a brave new world

  • Discover the number one skillset for every workplace of the future
  • Learn what really drives high employee engagement and performance (HINT: it’s not yoga classes or good coffee)
  • Find out why it’s important we all need our daily DOSE of energy and enthusiasm
  • Explore how TRAICE can improve working relationships and greater happiness at work

Businesses of the future rely on strong, positive relationships. Happy healthy workplaces are more profitable, enjoy higher rates of retention and lower rates of staff turnover and sick leave.

Change is a constant, busy the new norm, yet our brains are hardwired to resist and run from potential threat. Embracing change to create greater possibility takes a new mindset, positive attitude and curiosity.

Let me show you what really motivates us to do our best work, feel fulfilled and want to spend time at this place we call work.

Keynote 2

Fit, Fast and Focused: That’s smart work

  • Learn how to manage distractions in the modern workplace
  • Find more creative thinking space to brainstorm big new ideas
  • Get more done by doing less  (yes, really!)


The drive to be more efficient and more productive at work is doing you more harm than good!

Working smarter is NOT working harder.

It’s about knowing when to focus and when to find thinking space to find the clarity and calm needed for continuous improvement.

Being fit, fast and focused is the key to being adaptable, flexible and creative in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Learn how to nurture the right minds and mindsets in your team to promote curiosity, problem solving and possibility.


Yours was our most popular wellness seminars to date and shows how much interest there is in the topic! The message is relevant to everyone who is in the modern world of information overload. We look forward to inviting you back very soon!”

– Injury Management Advisor Rio Tinto


“I’m amazed that so much of the information that Jenny shared continues to resurface in our organisation to this day. This certainly indicates how much of an impact she truly had on our management team and our organisation.

– Health & Safety Manager, PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

Keynote 3:

Power Up Your Performance: It’s more than fish and walnuts

  • Learn why getting the hardware in your skull right helps the software run more smoothly
  • Discover the five energy essentials to help you power through the day and avoid the 3 pm slump
  • Optimise your mental performance with the foundation of better brain health

When we’re not at our best, we feel more tired, make poorer decisions and show bad judgement. This affects our lives at home and work.

By prioritising and placing higher value tags on what really matters to us, we can identify our non-negotiables and implement effective and enduring change that becomes our norm.

Learn how to bring your best self to work, get more done and free up more time and energy to spend doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

Contact me today.

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