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It’s no secret. Life and work is getting busier, more complex and exhausting.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a “check up from the neck up”, it’s here now, starting with a quick diagnostic test that looks at how your lifestyle choices may be impacting your cognition.


Want to dive deeper into your cognitive assessment?

The second part of the assessment uses CANTAB Insight, a cognitive health assessment based on cutting edge technology that assesses your thinking skills in a quick and easy way.

Knowing your cognition is normal can be enormously reassuring especially if you know you’ve been working hard for a while, are under a lot of pressure, feeling chronically tired and worried what impact this is having on your health and ability to think.

Watch this video to see why CANTAB Insight is so useful from a general and rehabilitation perspective

What the test measures.

In a snapshot CANTAB Insight assesses your cognition across FIVE domains:

Executive function: Your ability to plan, organise and be flexible in your thinking. Think of it as your central control of conscious thought.

Processing Speed: This is how quickly and effectively you process information. This is important when decisions have to be made fast.

Attention: How well you can concentrate determines how well you stay on task, in spite of those competing distractions and interruptions.

Working memory: This is your ability to hold a couple of relevant items front of mind for immediate action or assessment.

Episodic memory: This is your memory for events and experiences as in “What happened?” “Where was I at the time?” and “When did this happen?”

In addition, the test includes a number of mood questions to ascertain the presence of low mood or depression, which could skew the results.

What’s included

The test is taken using an iPad.
It takes roughly 20-25 minutes to complete and the instructions are easy to follow.

At the end of the test, a report is generated and immediately available for a follow up debriefing session. This is the opportunity to discuss and interpret your results with the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

When necessary a plan can be formulated at this time, tailored to address any particular concerns noted on the test.

How reliable is the data?

The reason I like working with CANTAB Insight is that the parent company Cambridge Cognition is well-respected in the industry of digital health software. They have created a number of different products, validated by thirty years of neuroscience.

To read more about Cambridge Cognition and CANTAB Insight you can access the scientific review here.

How can I access the test?

CANTAB Insight is currently available to my face-to-face mentoring clients and those participating in my in-house programs. POA.

Companies can apply for their own license to administer the test in their own organisation.

For further details please contact me at to discuss how CANTAB Insight can help you and your staff maintain better brain health for greater performance.




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