“I was tired of being tired”

Is your brain fit? Or does it have too many tabs open?

What if you could feel healthier, sharper and operate at full speed?

What If you could get a full night’s sleep, wake up confident, full of energy, and know that you’re going to kick goals?

And what If you could clear the foggy thinking and have the clarity, speed and focus to thrive?

Hi, I’m DR Jenny Brockis

 An award-winning keynote speaker, trained medical practitioner, certified physician in lifestyle medicine and author of the bestselling book: Smarter Sharper Thinking.

I have a question…

How many times have you woken up on a Monday morning determined to nail your weeks to-do list so you can get ahead, impress your boss and enjoy a work-free weekend?

But first, this happened:

  • You had to reply to 37 emails in your inbox
  • Oh, and attend that unproductive meeting you love…
  • And check those incessant social media notifications. Twice.
  • And return those missed calls. You know, the ones from last Friday while you were playing taxi for the family
  • All before “Dinner!?.. What is it? Wait, where is it? Forget it. Don’t have time…”
  • *ring ring* [Boss] “I needed this yesterday..”
  • “How the? Where has the time…?”
  • [Partner] “I thought you were having the weekend off?” 
  • Finally! A quiet hour on a Sunday afternoon to update your productivity app…
Dr Jenny Brockis Brain Fitness Specialist
Brain Too Many Tabs Open

So, how did that work out for you?

The tasks change, but the story’s the same:

“It must be nice to be able to focus on one thing. But something always comes up. How am I supposed to get ahead when I feel like like everything’s out of control and I don’t have the capacity, or focus, to do the simplest task?”

As a GP, I met a lot of successful people in my practice. People who, despite suffering a bout of ill-health, were able to recover, manage their health, stay ahead of their work and still have time to give back to their families and communities.

But mostly, it was normal-every-day people sharing their story and looking for a little help.

When I first started treating these patients, I never realised how often I would be writing sick notes. Every single day I was treating people with varying degrees of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and overall feelings of “I just don’t have any energy – I’m over it”. It was eye opening – even for a trained medical practitioner.

And you know what else?

Almost every case was reversible and preventable! Often caused because the patients weren’t equipped to cope with the challenges of living in today’s modern world. And in particular, the place we call work. And they are not alone.

In fact, look at these comments I found online:

I mean – I just can’t rest. I’m constantly exhausted. I wake up tired every day and I feel awful in the mornings.

Reddit Contributor

I feel that any time I make a schedule, I always ignore it. The finality of it all makes me so anxious that I just get overwhelmed.

Health and Work Forum

I’m already flat-out. I’m trying my hardest. But nothing is good enough. What else am I supposed to do? I don’t have any more time.

Forum Contributor

Thinking About Better Brain Health?

This is a real problem

And I see it every single day. Notice how easily we resign ourselves into thinking that we don’t have control and can’t do anything to change it?

But deep down. We know we can.

During Sunday night syndrome, when we reflect on how long it’s been since we felt like we got ahead — we acknowledge something needs to change but, for the life of us, we can’t muster the motivation to take action and follow it through.

I’m talking about busy professionals who genuinely want more out of their life and career. But, despite their best intentions, and Monday morning affirmations, they can’t get a leg up to achieve:

  • A promotion

  • A fitter healthier body and mind

  • A new business goal

  • More free time to enjoy the things you love; or

  • Just a night off from working late

The trouble is we trap ourselves into the idea that in order to succeed we have to drive ourselves harder, work for longer and deny ourselves the basic necessities required for optimised performance.

Imagine the thought pattern we face when trapped like this:

Thought Pattern


“Monday morning. New Week. New Me. New Attitude. I’ve got this!”


“I’ll just clear out the 37 emails in my inbox first. Oh, I have that unproductive meeting too.. And I did promise that mid-week catch-up…  hmm, I’ll start fresh next week”.

Social Gratification

“I’ll post on social media and get a pat on the back.. I’m going to nail this”

Seeing the Bigger Picture

“Ugh, well this is not as easy as I thought”

Inspiration Hits!

“OK, I just downloaded this awesome productivity app…I’m going to hit the floor running.”


“So much last-minute work to do first. I’ll skip lunch… and dinner.”


“Hmm… How am I behind already? I have so much to do and zero motivation to do it. Why can’t I do this? I can’t focus! I’ve tried everything”


“I can’t switch my mind off. I keep thinking about all the things I haven’t done”

Giving Up

“What was I thinking, I’m never going to get on top or feel in control.”

Be honest, when was the last time you or a friend went through this?

It may seem mad, bonkers even, but how often do we deliberately make things harder for ourselves when under pressure?

How many times have you chosen to skip meals or gorge on junk food trying to meet a stressful deadline?

What about your usual exercise routine, has it gone out the window when the pressure is on? And I can almost guarantee that you’ve lost sleep along the way too.

But we ignore the symptoms and soldier on. Papering over the cracks and convince ourselves that our new constant companions of overwhelm, exhaustion and stress are just temporary.

It’s not that we don’t know what matters.

It’s not that we don’t care.

The difficulty lies in the chasm that has been created between what we intuitively know is important and what we actually do.

Brain Burnout
A Thought...

Successful people get sucked in too

We all get trapped in a cycle of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

Life happens, the unrealistic deadlines and steady stream of work will continuously land on your desk forever.

But what about the people that break free of the obstacles? The ones that seem to power through the day, who float out of the office, happy to catch a gym class or meet a friend for guilt-free after work drinks. The ones who have it all under control?

What’s the answer?

Is it about the perfect morning routine? Do they use a better time management system? Do they have a ‘secret to success’ app they use?

Everyone faces challenges: financial, relationship, career, the list goes on. Most will feel trapped and tread water until their motivation collapses into a pile of ‘Ugh’. While others sail right on through.

Some people will give in to their circumstances right there and then. Others will visit YouTube, Google or the App Store. Hoping a 5-star productivity app, smoothie recipe or life hack will solve their problems and give them the leg up they need to get that promotion, start that business or kick that goal they have been chasing their entire lifetime.

The truth?

They could find all of these things, and they will still be trying to keep their head above water.

Regardless how empty your inbox is, or how many life hacks you have up your sleeve, challenges, disruptions and the steady flow of “I need this yesterday” will always follow.

Let’s be frank, the older you get, the more challenges you will face… Family, money, career decisions… Some people will get overwhelmed, burned-out and give up.

Meanwhile, the most successful people have the mental capacity, clarity and framework to thrive.


When we look at the scientific evidence, neuroscience and positive psychology has shown what really works when it comes to faster and smarter fog-free thinking.

We know that a positive cognitive framework elevates your brain health – and your resilience. It even makes you more adaptable and change able. Which means dealing with high stress, high demand and high expectations becomes a little more ‘1-2-3’ and a lot less ‘let me just put my life hold while I try to work out which way is up’.

Positive cognition is so much more than motivational Monday affirmations and green tea

It’s about having capacity. Feeling capable. And knowing that your mental performance is on tap and on the ball.


Dr Jenny Thinking

This is Brain Fitness – the framework that gives top performers their edge to think better, stay focused and achieve more

Brain Fitness is:

  • Having the the mental stamina to power you across your day
  • The confidence to handle change and step up to new challenges
  • The clarity to incorporate healthier options for eating, exercising and sleeping into your busy schedule
  • The motivation to keep your brain working at peak performance
  • And the trust in knowing that science has your back and it will all work out.

We know that we will always face challenges and we know the majority of people will try hard and fast quick fixes for short term results.

But when you examine real top performers – I’m talking about high level athletes, successful businesswomen, political leaders and many more – none of them talk about short term hacks or secret apps. Not a sausage.

Instead, when asked about their focus, determination, motivation and willingness to follow through, they rely almost entirely on their mental frameworks – from how they learned through failure, to having the mental capacity to push through boundaries when the motivation dropped off.

When the times get tough, top performers know they can rely on their mental frameworks to think smarter, focus harder and kick goals.

Imagine someone successful that you follow

Now ask yourself

When you picture them walking onto a stage or into a meeting, are they uncertain?

Are they nervous?

Are they afraid?

If something went wrong in the middle of their show, do you think that they would panic and head straight to google to search for a quick fix?

Certainly not.

Their success is not one dimensional

If you take a deeper look, they have the skills and control to navigate their performance instead of falling behind and scrambling to get a grip like everyone else.

It’s their mental performance – their brain fitness that sets top performers apart. It outperforms every 5-star app available.

Which is why I want to encourage you to put down the random tactics. Shut down the app store and focus on your brain fitness, so you have the capacity, and capability to perform day in, day out.

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Like my patients, many people seek help when it starts to impact their day to day, particularly when it gets too hard and they realise that short term tactics will not solve their problems.

Are you tired of being tired? What about being fed up of:


Feeling overwhelmed


Foggy thinking


Not feeling healthy


Losing control of your day and time

Tired of Feeling Tired?

The value that is packed into these 8 modules is unmatched. You will love being a part of this course.

– Nicola Moras


How Brain Fitness Feels

“One of the best!

– TEC Chair

Brain Fitness changes everything

It lets you take back the wheel and discover how you can use your fitter healthier brain to:


Thrive by Design

Feel healthier, get sick less often and recover from illness more quickly


Get Fit Fast & Focused

Feel more confident about handling change and stepping up to new challenges


Fire up and fuel up

Know how to effectively incorporate the healthier options for eating, exercising and sleeping into your busy schedule


Start and finish every day refreshed, alert and confident

Sleep better at night and wake feeling refreshed in the morning


Ditch mental roadblocks

Build the mental stamina required to power you across your day

Successful people build these long-term habits. Which means you can too.


Busy Professional's Brain Fit Blueprint
The Busy Professional’s Brain Fit Blueprint

How to think better, stay focused and achieve more by elevating your brain fitness


Laser Focus

Make distractions a thing of the past. Get rid of all that clutter and create the mental stamina to power through the day.


Peak Performance

Get the clarity and mental frameworks so your brain can hum away at full speed without fear of burning out.


Supreme Energy

Sleep better at night and wake feeling healthy and refreshed – ready to kick goals.


Fog-Free Critical Thinking

Think sharper, faster and know, without doubt, that life’s good – you’re in control.


“Dr. Jenny is quite simply amazing!”

– Joint Managing Director, Executive Assistant Network


“Interesting, enjoyable and impactful “

– Manager Programs Group Principals Australia Institute

The Busy professional’s brain fit blueprint is

An online course about the lifestyle choices you make, that have been shown by neuroscience and positive psychology, to make the biggest difference in boosting your brain health and mental performance.

It’s precise – You’ll create your own framework for better brain health that is relevant to your circumstances.

It’s practical – With a smorgasbord of tools to implement, you can develop brain healthy lifestyle habits to act on immediately.

It’s on tap – The course is laid out into eight separate modules-with each broken down into a series of smaller easily digestible lessons. Take it at your own pace and review it whenever you want.

It’s backed by science Formed on a trusted framework that is science based and backed by research, so you know what really works.

In this course you will learn:

That you don’t need a degree in neuroscience to understand how better brain health works.

Behavioural change: Critical mindsets

Boost Performance: How to create your own stress busting tool box

How to keep your brain in shape even if you’re allergic to exercise or don’t have the time.


Your sleep cycle: How much sleep do you really need each night?

Stretch your mental muscle: Brain training is all the rage but do these actually work?

2 Brains are better than 1: Improve your mood, memory and cognition with nutrition

How to ditch the short term hacks and build habits that work – long term

What’s included?

Tools, Tips and strategies

 The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint provides you the tools, tips and strategies to create your own fitter, healthier brain.

Brain fitness isn’t just for work, it helps you in all other aspects of your life as well.

8 Modules

The course is broken down into eight separate modules each containing a series of video lessons, a work book, some additional resources and a quiz.

This enables you to immediately put into action those tips and strategies that will help you the most. Building week by week, this allows you to build your knowledge base, so you know what to do next and how it all works.

Brain fit eBook

You will receive a copy of my eBook Brain Fit! How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain

A simple – and essential – guide that shows you how your brain is affected by your lifestyle decisions and uncovers the tools and tactics you can use today to get – and stay – brain fit for the rest of your life!

Access to dr. jenny and the brain fit community

Got a question? Signing up to the course provides you with community access to Dr Jenny where you can share your experiences, comments and questions.

Best of all it provides a platform for you to celebrate all your wins. Nothing beats a virtual high-five and congratulatory message to boost your motivation and desire to stay brain fit.

plus, lifetime access to brain fit blueprint

This means you can revisit any module and video you want at any time. Feeling like you have slipped up? Discouraged? A little lost? That’s OK, it happens. But know that you have direct access to the answers whenever you need them.

Brain fitness matters at ANY age. You are never too old or too young to create a fitter healthier brain and the earlier you begin, the greater your advantage.

With the volume and pace of change expected to continue to escalate, taking charge of your own brain’s health needs to start now.

This program will help you to create a fitter, healthier brain to optimise your mental performance – even when you’re busy, feeling stressed and under the pump.


“Jenny’s message is imperative for everyone living in this multi-gadget, multi-tasking world. It is frightening how much pressure we put on our most valuable possession, our brain.”

– Manager Aspire UWA Student Support Services


The busy professional’s brainfit blueprint is for you if:


You have tried short term random tactics and they haven’t worked.


You want to become more productive and efficient with your time.


You’re fascinated by the mind and brain and want to discover what it takes to improve your overall level of mental performance.


You want long term results for your mental performance, health and happiness.


You’re keen to make your mark and shine, and avoid burning out


You’re struggling with fatigue and stress, trying to be all things to all people.


You want to know how to opearte at your best at home and in the office.

Is this a course mostly for older people or will anyone benefit?

Brain health is important at EVERY age.

While traditionally thought of as being something to think about as we get older, the evidence clearly shows we all benefit from better brain health to maintain a positive mood, improve our ability to learn and remember what matters.

Brain Fit kids learn greater stress resilience and are more effective learners.

Brain Fit adults find it easier to adapt to changing workplace practices, stay fit, fast and focused and get on better with others.

How long do I need to spend on the course each week?

Most of the modules can be completed in one to two hours. The video lessons typically run for 10 – 15 minutes each and the workbook and quiz are designed to be easily completed within 30 minutes.

How long you spend diving into the resources is up to you.

I’m so busy and don’t know how I’m going to fit in the time to do the course. What if I can’t keep up?

While it’s suggested you tackle the course with one module per week, if your work or family commitments makes this too hard then just do it at a slower pace.

Once enrolled you will have lifetime access to the course.

Understanding how stress affects your thinking and behaviours will help you to get better at managing not just your stress and commitments but also your time, energy and motivation to put all those new brain healthy habits into action.

Does better brain health really make a difference?

Unequivocally yes.

The caveat is, just like developing your physical fitness it will require your time and effort to build.

After all you are working with your neurobiology and change won’t be achieved overnight.

The aim is to instil new lifestyle habits that just like brushing your teeth every day, become your usual way of doing, requiring little or no conscious effort to remember.

Making small incremental changes to your lifestyle and workplace practices you can achieve greater clarity of thought, reduce the impact of too much stress and regain the energy and vitality needed to thrive at work and home.

Try the Busy Professional’s Brain Fit Blueprint 100% Risk-free.

Remember – this online course is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

I want to see you shine. So, if your brain is not feeling fitter and sharper by the end of the 8-week course, I want you to email me, show me you put the work in and I’ll refund your payment and even let you keep your copy of the Brain Fit eBook.

That’s 60 days to try the entire course risk free.

Thank you for this enjoyable and educational course.  I actually postponed finishing it because I didn’t want it to end.”

Such an innovative online course from Dr. Jenny Brockis, complete with critical info about the brain and how we work as humans!

I loved the practical strategies, easy to implement advice and handy workbooks to get me on track as a busy owner of an allied health practice.

I found this refreshing, engaging and challenging and I’m much more confident in how to manage my stress and fatigue to deliver my best self every day.

Liz Brownlee

Allied Health Practice Owner

Before enrolling in the Brain Fit course I didn’t know what I didn’t know when it came to how to BOOST my productivity and performance.

I lead a very busy life filled with running my business, juggling children, fitting my husband in and of course, being the taxi for the various activities that go on around the place, so I LOVED the idea that I would be able to squeeze even more out of my brain without it going caput on me!

What I learned as part of this program is what I needed to do in order to increase my overall performance both at work and outside of work. I LOVE learning and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about my brain and what it likes (and doesn’t like) when it comes to increasing my overall brain fitness.

If anyone is considering this course BUY IT NOW before she increases the price again! The value that is packed into these 8 modules is unmatched. You will love being a part of this course.

Nicola Moras

Thank you for this enjoyable and educational course.  I actually postponed finishing it because I didn’t want it to end.

Although there were some things I already was aware of, I learnt a lot especially about the benefits of sleep and stretching my mental muscles.

I’ve written down lots of things to follow up on and I also want to go through all the resources properly and listen to, watch and read some of them.

The course was nicely presented in a friendly and interesting way that would allow anybody to learn from it without feeling criticised for not knowing or for having bad habits they need to change.

I hope you’ll present more online courses, as I would be happy to continue on with my “brain” education.

Anne Jones

Brain Health has been the missing piece for obtaining complete health and wellbeing

Keeping healthy both from a physical and mental perspective is a given. What hasn’t been included (until now) is cognitive health.

As a GP and business owner I became increasingly concerned at the number of people I saw who had developed physical or mental ill health because of poor lifestyle choices and too frequently, a toxic workplace.

Our constant state of busyness has led to a change in our priorities. For many of us work has become all encompassing. It’s the place where we spend one third of our lives and for many has become the primary focus, to the detriment of the other aspects of our lives and our important relationships.


Dr. Jenny delivers inspiring and thought provoking sessions with tangible takeaways that can easily be incorporated into daily life.”

– Product Development Executive CPA Australia

High stress, exhaustion and burnout

Treating ourselves as if we are a machine is resulting in higher levels of stress, exhaustion and burnout.

That’s why reminding ourselves we are human and granting ourselves permission to address our physiological and psychological needs is what allows us to truly flourish.

The greatest threat to our future success, health and happiness isn’t our new digital technologies and artificial intelligence, it is ourselves.

That’s why becoming more aware of how your brain works and what helps you move from surviving to thriving has never been more important.

Happily, we are now living at a time where new technologies have enabled us to take a peek inside the brain and discover more about what the human brain is truly capable of, and importantly how to take better care of it.

Though while our level of understanding has grown exponentially, our knowledge about the human brain still remains in its infancy.

The science is continually evolving, and, in some instances, we have had to reconsider what we used to think was correct!

Meanwhile the arrival of the Internet has spawned a whole industry of ‘experts’ making it harder to know who to trust or believe because there is a good deal of misinformation, hype and neuromyths circulating on the inter-webs.

What matters is having access to current validated evidence and research, which this course is designed to provide.

What is so exciting is the recognition of how the new brain science is so relevant and easily learnt and applied.

Elevating your mental performance starts with laying down the foundations of better brain health, because just like any other household appliance, our brains work so much better if we read the instruction manual first and keep them in good working order.

The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint takes the guess work out of knowing what really works to boost productivity efficiency and performance.

After all, If TOO BUSY is your catchcry then what will be the cognitive cost of NOT looking after your brain health?

Reconsidering the options

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