The Busy Professional’s Brain Fit Blueprint

How to think better, stay focused and achieve more by elevating your brain fitness

Does your brain have too many tabs open?
Is foggy thinking getting in your way of having the clarity, speed and agility to thrive in today’s crazy busy world?
Have you ever wondered how you can reclaim the energy, vitality and inspiration needed to be operating at your best?
Staying at the top of your game and thriving in a workplace that is rapidly changing, subject to over-tight deadlines and high levels of stress is hard.  

If overwhelm, exhaustion and stress have become your constant companion you’ll know this doesn’t allow you to be your best.  

Ignoring the symptoms and soldiering on doesn’t work either, because trying to paper over the cracks will only work for a certain amount of time before something gives.

Which is why building better brain health matters

The trouble is we’ve bought into the idea that in order to succeed we have to drive ourselves harder, work for longer and deny ourselves those basic necessities required for optimised performance.

It may seem mad, bonkers even, but how often do we deliberately make things harder for ourselves when under pressure, by choosing to skip meals or gorge on junk food, to give up our usual exercise routine and to cut back on sleep.

It’s not that we don’t know what matters.

It’s not that we don’t care.

The difficulty lies in the chasm that has been created between what we intuitively know is important and what we actually do.

Research has shown that 98% of those surveyed believe that looking after our brain health is important, yet only 56% of us DO what is necessary to achieve this.

This provides a huge window of opportunity to do better, because better brain health provides you the Cognitive Edge to think faster, learn more effectively and remember what matters.


The Busy Professional’s Brain Fit Blueprint is based on the neuroscience and positive psychology that has shown what really works when it comes to thinking well and thriving in the modern world.

Why This Course Was Put Together


Meet Dr. Jenny Brockis 

I’m Dr. Jenny Brockis, medical practitioner and thought leader in the area of brain health and mental performance and I designed this course for you to create your own healthier, fitter brain so you can always operate at your best.

What would your world look like if you

Have the mental stamina required to power you across your day
Feel healthier, get sick less often and recover from illness more quickly
Feel more confident about handling change and stepping up to new challenges
Know how to effectively incorporate the healthier options for eating, exercising and sleeping into your busy schedule
Sleep better at night and wake feeling refreshed in the morning
Have a selection of trusted strategies for handling those tricky situations (and people) and keep your stress in the healthy range to elevate performance
Know what to do to keep your brain working well, and what to expect from your brain at different ages
Have a trusted framework that is science based and backed by research to know what really works.

It’s all here in The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint

Who is the course for?

Busy professionals, small business owners, managers and leaders who want to know how to always deliver their best.

The person who wants to become more productive and efficient with their time.

The person currently struggling with fatigue and stress, trying to be all things to all people, and know it doesn’t have to be this way.
The maturing nicely group: You have the skillset and the wisdom that only a life-time of experience can bring, and want to keep hold of what you have for as long as you can.
The younger set: you’re keen to make your mark and shine, and avoid burning out
The curious: You’re fascinated by the mind and brain and want to discover more about how your brain works and what it takes to improve your overall level of mental performance.

The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint reveals in an easy to follow step-by-step program,  how to gain the benefits of a fit and healthy brain.

What Can You Expect

The course is laid out into eight separate modules each broken down into a series of smaller easily digestible lessons.

On purchase, you will be able to access the course in its entirety immediately. This is in recognition that we are all busy with different competing agendas and time constraints.

It’s suggested you tackle one module each week, but you can mix and match, or revisit each one as many times as you like.

During the eight weeks, you will also be encouraged to look at some of the extra resources provided and to put into practice some of what you have learned.

You will gain a greater understanding of how your own brain works, to know your own mind better and why we all think so differently.

Throughout the course you’ll be encouraged to create your own framework for better brain health that is relevant to your circumstances, with a smorgasbord of tools and tactics to serve as important reminders or new insights for implementing new brain healthy lifestyle habits to act on immediately.

The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint takes the guess work out of knowing what really works to boost productivity efficiency and performance.

What’s Included?

The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint provides you the tools, tips and strategies to create your own fitter, healthier brain.

Brain fitness isn’t just for work, it helps you in all other aspects of your life as well.

Eight Modules

The course is broken down into eight separate modules each containing a series of video lessons, a work book, some additional resources and a quiz. This enables you to immediately put into action those tips and strategies that will help you the most. Building week by week, this allows you to build your knowledge base so you know what to do next and how it all works.

A FREE copy of my eBook - Brain Fit!

You will receive a  FREE copy of my eBook Brain Fit! How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain

This eBook provides a deeper look into what contributes to better brain health

Access to Dr. Jenny and the Brain Fit Community

Got a question? Signing up to the course provides you with access to the closed Facebook Page where you can share your experiences, comments and questions. Having access to the collective wisdom of the group has been shown to be very powerful way of embedding new ideas and information, helps to keep you accountable to your goals and of course provides the basis for new friendships with like-minded people around the world. Best of all it provides a platform for you to celebrate all your wins. Nothing beats a virtual high-five and congratulatory message to boost your motivation and desire to keep staying brain fit. Plus sharing your story encourages and inspires others to also succeed.

What’s Included? 

The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint provides you the tools, tips and strategies to create your own fitter, healthier brain. Brain fitness isn’t just for work, it helps you in all other aspects of your life as well.

(Just Example)
The Busy Professional’s Brain Fitness Blueprint

Meet Your Brain

You don’t need a degree in neuroscience to understand how your brain works. This module is all about why better brain health matters and provides an introduction to the basics of your brain’s anatomy.

Healthy Stress

Stress is often seen as a bad thing, but healthy stress can be enormously helpful to boost performance.

Discover the truth about the good, bad and ugly side of stress, how to develop greater stress resilience and create your own tool box of stress busting tools.

Move It

It’s no secret. The single most important lifestyle factor for consistently boosting brain performance is physical activity.

In this module, you’ll learn which are the best exercises for your brain, when to do them and what to do if you’re allergic to exercise, hate the thought of exercise or simply don’t have the time to include it into your schedule.

Stretch that Mental Muscle

With all the emphasis on getting a physical workout, where does a mental workout fit in and why? Video games and brain training is all the rage but do these work, and what’s the alternative? Learn how you can add a great mental stretch to your day.


Attitude matters – a lot!  This module examines why your mindset is the critical piece for behavioural change and also examines how to manage attitudes at work at the individual and collective level.


It’s been said we are what we eat, but nutrition plays a far more important role than just providing us the building blocks and energy for our body and brain, it plays a massive role in determining our mood, memory and cognition.

Healthy food choices don’t have to be a chore or expensive. Discover which are the brain healthy foods and why looking after your second brain matters too.


Have you ever wished you could do with less sleep?

Can you train yourself to do with less and why do we need to spend 1/3 of our lives in this unconscious state anyway?

In this module, you’ll discover how the sleep cycle works, how much sleep you really need, what we need sleep for and some handy hints to ensure you’re getting enough.

It’s a Wrap

Congratulations! You’ve completed the course

Now it’s time to take ACTION!

This is about creating habits for a lifetime, giving yourself permission to participate, and taking the next steps by following your own unique blueprint.

Don’t forget!

Your reward for all that brain activity spent with each module will be rewarded some extra bonuses in the shape of additional resources, the eBook and the Brain Fit Community Facebook Page.

Got a question?   Great! Either post it in the Closed Facebook page to access the collective wisdom of the group or email me directly at
Brain fitness matters at ANY age. You are never too old or too young to create a fitter healthier brain and the earlier you begin, the greater your advantage.

With the volume and pace of change expected to continue to escalate, taking charge of your own brain’s health needs to start now.

If TOO BUSY is your catchcry then what will be the cognitive cost of NOT looking after your brain health?

This program will help you to create a fitter, healthier brain to optimise your mental performance even when you’re busy, feeling stressed and under the pump.

Frequently asked questions
I’m so busy and don’t know how I’m going to fit in the time to do the course. What if I can’t keep up?
While it’s suggested you tackle the course with one module per week, if your work or family commitments makes this too hard then just do it at a slower pace. Once enrolled you will have ongoing access to the course for a full twelve months. Understanding how stress affects your thinking and behaviours will help you to get better at managing not just your stress and commitments but also your time, energy and motivation to put all those new brain healthy habits into action.
Does better brain health really make a difference?
Unequivocally yes. The caveat is, just like developing your physical fitness it will require your time and effort to build. After all you are working with your neurobiology and change won’t be achieved overnight. The aim is to instil new lifestyle habits that just like brushing your teeth every day, become your usual way of doing, requiring little or no conscious effort to remember. Making small incremental changes to your lifestyle and workplace practices you can achieve greater clarity of thought, reduce the impact of too much stress and regain the energy and vitality needed to thrive at work and home.
Is this a course mostly for older people or will anyone benefit?
Brain health is important at EVERY age. While traditionally thought of as being something to think about as we get older, the evidence clearly shows we all benefit from better brain health to maintain a positive mood, improve our ability to learn and remember what matters. Brain Fit kids learn greater stress resilience and are more effective learners. Brain Fit adults find it easier to adapt to changing workplace practices, stay fit, fast and focused and get on better with others.
How long do I need to spend on the course each week?
Most of the modules can be completed in one to two hours. The video lessons typically run for 10 – 15 minutes each and the workbook and quiz are designed to be easily completed within 30 minutes. How long you spend diving into the resources is up to you.

Such an innovative online course from Dr. Jenny Brockis, complete with critical info about the brain and how we work as humans! I loved the practical strategies, easy to implement advice and handy workbooks to get me on track as a busy owner of an allied health practice. I found this refreshing, engaging and challenging and I’m much more confident in how to manage my stress and fatigue to deliver my best self everyday.

Liz Brownlee

Before enrolling in the BrainFit course I didn’t know what I didn’t know when it came to how to BOOST my productivity and performance.

I lead a very busy life filled with running my business, juggling children, fitting my husband in and of course, being the taxi for the various activities that go on around the place, so I LOVED the idea that I would be able to squeeze even more out of my brain without it going caput on me!

What I learned as part of this program is what I needed to do in order to increase my overall performance both at work and outside of work. I LOVE learning and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about my brain and what it likes (and doesn’t like) when it comes to increasing my overall brain fitness.

If anyone is considering this course BUY IT NOW before she increases the price point! The value that is packed into these 8 modules is unmatched.  You will love being a part of this course.

Nicola Moras

Thank you for this enjoyable and educational course.  I actually  postponed finishing it because I didn’t want it to end.
Although there were some things I already was aware of, I learnt a lot especially about the benefits of sleep

and stretching my mental muscles.
I’ve written down lots of things to follow up on and I also want to go through all the resources properly and listen to,

watch and read some of them.
The course was nicely presented in a friendly and interesting way that would allow anybody to learn from it

without feeling criticised for not  knowing or for having bad habits they need to change.

I hope you’ll present more online courses, as I would be happy to continue on with my “brain” education.

Anne Jones