About Dr. Jenny

Cognitive health; how well we think, learn and remember will be the greatest disruptor to future organisational success. It provides a holistic approach to workplace performance by emphasising the need to focus on thinking skills, interpersonal relationships and happiness.

While long fascinated by the human brain and why we think and behave the way we do, my decision to leave my role as the Principal of a group medical practice was not taken lightly.

But I was increasingly concerned by the amount of stress, stress-related illness, anxiety and depression, and cognitive problems I was witnessing, often emanating from the place we spend up to one third of our lives. The place we call work.

Having already fallen in love with the brain science, I knew that to achieve my mission of becoming the Jamie Oliver of high-performance thinking, I had to do things differently. To make cognitive health as well known and understood as the need for better nutrition.

Which is why I swapped my consulting room to work with business leaders, executives and individuals who recognise that the greatest investment they will ever make is in their own brain. Because no matter who we are or what we do, our ability to think well, to learn more and to remember what matters, is what determines our success in life and work.

As an award winning speaker, I provide keynotes, workshops and masterclasses, translating the complexities of the neuroscience into practical tools that enhance better thinking.

I love writing and am a regular contributor to a number of on-line and print magazines including CEO, Gloss and EA magazine. I’ve written three books including the best-selling Future Brain (Wiley) which has been translated into a number of different languages and was a finalist in the Best You Personal Development Author Awards 2017.

In addition I have enjoyed being a guest on talk back radio and national television.

Always a life-long learner I have continued to stretch my mental muscle with a post graduate certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and training as a mindfulness meditation teacher.

Beyond work, my greatest joy comes from spending time with my husband and family, travelling the world to explore new cultures, and enjoying the great outdoors.

My mantra is to live life to the fullest and to approach and explore new things or ideas with a child like curiosity.

Because it’s not what we know, but how well we think that counts.

Are you ready to take your thinking to the next level?