About Dr. Jenny

I am passionate about people, performance and practical solutions that improve our cognitive health and wellbeing.

We need workplaces that enable everyone to operate at their true potential.

High stress, silo thinking, overwhelm and mental fatigue – this is what we suffer in organisations every day.

As an award-winning speaker, mentor, facilitator and trained medical practitioner, I make the latest neuroscience easy – and even fun! – to help us understand why we think and act the way we do, and then implement effective behaviour change to turn around some of the biggest performance issues in organisations today.

In 2009, I swapped my consulting room for the boardroom to help those most at risk of workplace stress, anxiety, depression and cognitive problems: business leaders, executives and professionals, like you.

Since then, I have helped individuals, teams and clients like PepsiCo, CPA, Silver Chain, Downer Ener and many more, to improve organisation-wide productivity, efficiency and collaboration. To deliver better, more innovative, business results – not to mention to have happier and healthy workplaces and lifestyles!


I love writing about my learnings, and have authored three books including the best-selling Future Brain (published by Wiley), which was a finalist in the ‘Best You Personal Development Author Awards 2017’.

I’m also a regular contributor to CEO Magazine, GLOSS and EA Magazine, as well as a regular guest on talkback radio and TV shows like the Today Show.

I am a life-long learner, so have continued to push myself with a diploma in nutrition and environmental medicine, postgraduate certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and training as a mindfulness meditation teacher and am currently studying to be board certified as a Lifestyle Practitioner.

Beyond work or writing, my greatest joy comes from spending time with my husband and family, travelling the world to explore new cultures, and enjoying the great outdoors.

I believe the greatest investment you can ever make in life is your own cognitive health – how well you think, learn and remember.

I’m sure you’ll agree!

If you’re ready to take your thinking to the next level, let’s talk.

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