To get more out of your life, add more laughter

I love my sessions on the Couch. This is a community TV show that has been running for over ten years under the stewardship of Fred Mafrica. I get to chat with some amazing people who are doing all sorts of interesting things, working hard to make the world a better place and to help others get more out of their lives.

Recently I caught up with Peter Schupp from Laughter Wellbeing. Peter is passionate about bringing more laughter into people’s lives because of all the health benefits it provides and let’s face it If you are feeling happy and good about things, it becomes that much easier to get everything done and feel more at ease with ourselves.


You can watch the TV clip here. To find out more about how laughter yoga and laughter classes could help you you can contact Peter (details are on the video) or at www.thecouch.com.au


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