Brain Smart Workshop: From Frantic to Focused

Getting more work done, faster.

Research has shown that multitasking is counterproductive – we make more mistakes, take longer to get the same amount done, and generally do it less well than if we'd focused on one thing at a time (one reason for not texting while you're driving...). But in today's work environment, it's hard to avoid distractions, so you have to consciously take control of your environment and work to your strengths. For instance, if you think best in the morning, schedule work on that brain frazzling report for first thing, and organise meetings for after lunch.

Un-slump Your Brain

Brain Smart is about using your brain effectively so that the time you spend on a project is more productive, avoiding the after-lunch slump, procrastination and distraction. It will enable you and your team to work faster and better.

By understanding how our brains process the myriad of stimuli they receive, you will learn how to really pay attention and focus on what you're doing, so that you can work faster, more innovatively, and make better decisions.

As well as proven techniques which succeed in any work situation, participants can opt to include 60-90 minute ‘mini workshops' covering:

  • How to boost memory with simple strategies
  • Why multitasking is multifailing
  • Increasing your brain's natural creativity and promoting insight
  • Why brain storming doesn't work
Download the brochure by clicking the image.