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Brain Fit

Maintain mental stamina and lift mental performance 

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Why your mental capital is your most precious asset.

The key to success in today's busy, complex and rapidly changing world requires a high level of brain fitness. Learn how your lifestyle choices impact your mood, your wellbeing, your quality of life and your capacity to think well.

It's time to discard the brain fog and fuzzy thinking and rediscover clear thinking.

Discover the seven steps to a healthy, optimised brain that is ready to work well for you every day.
Brain fitness is not a nice to have: it is the essential prerequisite for higher mental performance and greater business success and achievement.

30-60 minutes.
Ideal for anyone seeking to understand more about how their brain best likes to work, and the strategies that need to be implemented.
This keynote is ideal as an opening session; to prime delegates brains to know how get the most out of their brains for the entire event.
Plus: Why not include some 5-minute brain refreshers throughout the day to keep all brains fully engaged and attentive.

Brain Smart

More efficient, more productive, that's smart work

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In today's world, whether you are in the education system, the area of  learning and development, or just trying to do your job: efficiency and productivity matters. Knowing how to regain focus and manage all our distractions is what provides us the opportunity for personal and professional growth and to achieve more.

Today we all have to work faster, know how to focus on what matters and be skilled in filtering out the relevant from the irrelevant. Knowing how your brain is best operates is vital, because sometimes we ask our brain to work in ways it wasn't designed for.

It's about choosing the correct prescription to up-skill those thinking habits that will  deliver the best results.

30-60 mins

Ideal for anyone wanting to increase their focus and reduce the impact our interruptions have on us.This presentation will help you to discover how to regain control of your time, energy and attention, so as to be focused, clear and effective.


Brain Change

Adapting to a brave new world

Change can be hard. Knowing how to overcome your brain's natural resistance to change is what leads to effective and enduring positive change.
In todays challenging and competitive world, incorporating change leadership to remain relevant and promote for growth matters more than ever before. 

This keynote outlines the five essential components essential to succeed with change.

30-60 mins

If you have resistance in the ranks, or simply want to know how to embrace change more fully, you will learn which strategies work best from the brain's point of view.
This enhances interpersonal communication skills and develops meaningful working relationships.


Future Brain

Agile, creative and connected that's our future brain

Our world has changed and so have we. Our evolutionary success has depended on our ability to adapt to our changing environment. But we have never had to adapt to so much change, so quickly before.
Importantly, can our ability to cope keep up with our rapid transformation in how we use our brain?
Our work requires us to deal with increasing complex and diverse concepts. We need to solve problems more quickly, create new ideas more easily and stay connected with each other.

This keynote reveals how you can design your future brain through greater brain awareness, to ensure you get the most out of your work and life.

30-60 mins

Designed to get you thinking. What do we really need for our brains of the future?
Ideal as a opening or closing keynote, Future Brain will stimulate and inspire you to question what could be done differently or done better so as to truly thrive in our brave new world.



Book Jenny for your next conference or event.

Jenny's presentations are high content, relevant and practical. The underlying neuroscience presented is proven, and often cutting edge. Jenny has the gift of simplifying the complex into simple, easily understood concepts. A Member of the National Speaker's Association of Australia, Jenny was awarded the Arthur Garvey Trophy by Rostrum as Speaker of the Year in 2010.

Passionate about her topic,  Jenny is intuitive to what really matters to people. Her presentations are designed to engage , inspire and entertain to motivate attendees to implement positive change.

Attending conferences or events, while stimulating, informative and entertaining can be tiring too. Coming away mentally exhausted, is not an effective way to allow brains to fully absorb and process all that wonderful material that has been presented. 

That's why Jenny works to ensure all that her presentations are brain friendly, designed to inform, inspired and entertain to promote thinking, reflection and retention all those new ideas, concepts and plans for action.

PLUS to make your next event even more memorable why not implement some of these brain friendly ideas?

How about a breakfast session that incorporates what it takes to get your brain ready and optimised for your day?

Or implement some "Brain Breaks" or "Brain Tips" during the day.

Or how about a "Brain Picking Session" to allow your delegates to ask those questions about their brain health and function?

If you would like to discuss any of these, want to find out more or to book Jenny for your next event you can contact her at or phone 0408 092 078