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Jenny's presentations are high content, relevant and practical. The underlying neuroscience presented is proven and demonstrated to work. Jenny has the gift of simplifying the complex into simple, easily understood concepts. A Member of the Professional Speakers Australia, Jenny was awarded the Rostrum Arthur Garvey Trophy by as Speaker of the Year in 2010.

Passionate about her topic,  Jenny is intuitive to what matters to people. Her presentations are designed to engage, inspire and entertain to lead to the implementation of positive behavioural change.

Attending conferences or events, while stimulating, informative and entertaining can be tiring too. Coming away mentally exhausted, is not an effective way to allow brains to fully absorb and process all that wonderful material presented. 

That's why Jenny works to ensure all that her presentations are brain friendly, designed to inform, inspired and entertain to promote thinking, reflection and retention of all those new ideas, concepts and plans for action.

KEYNOTES 45 - 60 minutes


The world has changed and so have we. What's needed now is a new way of thinking to meet the needs for greater mental agility flexibility and creativity.

Savvy business leaders now recognise that the key to future success will come from investing in their most valuable asset - the brains and minds of those who work for them. Building brain safe workplaces is about recognising what really motivates people using what the neuroscience has shown to really work.



How did we all end up so busy and what impact is this having on your performance, thinking and stress levels?

Our greatest success comes less from what we know and more from how we apply that knowledge.

Working with your brain enables you to build your attentional muscle, focus on what matters so you get more done to a higher level and with time and energy left to spare


Bringing your best self to work is about having enough energy to get through your day, to remember what matters and maintain clarity of thought even when under pressure.

When we feel healthy, happy and relaxed we are more open to new ideas, more effective at learning and more collaborative. It's not that we don't know what counts to building a fitter healthier brain, it's about what we don't do.

This keynote reveals the single crucial step to understanding what we can all do to elevate your level of vitality and mental sharpness to enjoy the benefits that better brain health and greater brain power provides.

PLUS to make your next event even more memorable, why not implement some of these brain friendly ideas?

Start with a Brainy Breakfast to ensure all your delegates brains are primed to get the most out of your event.

Choose some "Brainy Breaks" or "Brain Tips" that can be shared across the during the day.

What about a "Brain Picking Session" to allow your delegates to ask Dr.Jenny those questions about their brain health and function in private?

To discuss any of these, or to book Jenny for your next event contact us at or phone 0408 092 078 Jenny and her staff will be happy to assist.