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Brainy Breakfast - Why do we forget?

Why do we forget?
It's 4.30 pm, it's been a busy day and then it hits you, that horrible realisation you forgot something really, really important - you were going to join a good friend at lunch to celebrate her birthday. Worse still, you've been talking about it with her over the last couple of weeks and even acknowledged the Google alert that popped up on your desk this morning.
Why do we forget SO much when we have our Google alerts , Facebook reminders and diaries?
You are cordially invited to join Dr. Jenny and other brainy breakfast guests to discuss this important topic and how we can help our ailing memories to pick up the slack and perform better.
Save the date: Thursday 11th Feb
Time: 7.00 for a 7.15 am start Finish 8.45 am.
Place: Table 78,
78,Outram St. West Perth
Cost: $50 includes your breakfast
RSVP essential to select your place at the table.
Street parking is available. Tickets machines operate from 8 am
There are also two public car parks in Mayfair St

You can purchase your tickets here

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Brain Fitness 101 Workshop - Part 1

Date: Wednesday 23rd September

Time: 9 am to 12 midday

Cost $197.00 (Earlybird available)

Staying sharp, keeping up with massive change and juggling multiple tasks is part of normal living.
But do you know what it takes to really make a difference and help you stay confident about how well your brain is working,?
Join Dr. Jenny as she takes you on a journey to better understand your own brain and put in place your own brain fitness program to optimise your own brain health.

Brain fitness is all the rage and it's more than just fish and walnuts - it’s about cutting through all the hype and misinformation and using the right tools as shown by the brain science to help you build a brain that is fit, healthy and resilient.
In Brain Fitness 101 (part 1) you will learn:

  • What brain fitness is and why it's essential for continuing best mental performance.
  • The seven common brain health zappers we need to know about and avoid.  
  • The three key components that provide the foundation to brain fitness (and yes they all work together so it's important to include all 3)  
  • How to distinguish truth from myth when it comes to making choices for your brain health.

If you're ready to future proof your brain, book your place here. Early bird available for $157.

What you get for your investment:

  • Workbook
  • Email follow up; and
  • Framework for your own tailored program!