Speak to any successful person and ask what contributed the most to their success, and they will tell you it was from working with a mentor.

Are you ready to step up and take charge of your future success and learn how to operate your mind using high performance thinking?

Working with Dr. Jenny provides you a framework and a sounding board to support to you as you progress to success, what ever that may look like or feel like for you.

What does a mentor look like?

A mentor is a person who has a specialised expertise, knowledge or experience that will benefit the person being mentored.  A mentor can be someone that you know well, or someone that you recognise as having the relevant expertise in the area you wish to improve in.

A mentor is different from a coach in that a mentor shares ideas and experiences. As a thought leader in brain fitness, Jenny will help you to gain clarity around your goals and leverage your progress. It's about providing support, a framework and accountability.

Jenny provides individual and small group mentoring, bringing a fresh but informed pair of eyes to identify how changing your thinking can change your outcomes.

Mentorship isn't for everyone – and Jenny may not be the right mentor for you – it is important at the first instance to establish that both mentor and mentee are a good fit for working closely together.

How does it work?

The mentoring program runs for a minimum of 6 sessions. Shorter periods may not be effective as changing our neurobiology takes time. Sessions are arranged on either a fortnightly or monthly basis depending which suits you better and are either face to face or conducted via Skype.

The first session is a "getting to know you" and setting up a plan of action, followed by 60-90 minute sessions face-to-face or via Skype. In addition, an accountability frame work is set up to help you take the appropriate actions, and you receive full email support.

When indicated, brain mapping is a useful way to identify how your brain likes to operate, your strengths in different areas and how these can change when operating under stress. Dr Jenny is an accredited PRISM brain mapping practitioner. (Please note brain mapping is provided at an additional cost.)

If you are ready to look at how mentoring can elevate your mental performance and create a greater understanding of how your own brain works, it's time to take action.

To boost your brain health, productivity or leadership skills contact Jenny now to discuss your requirements on 0408 092 078 or email 

Mastermind Group: BUilding better business brains

Based on neuroscientific principles for building better cognitive health, the mastermind group meets monthly for a two hour session to debate, investigate and explore how to boost better thinking at work. It's a safe haven to connect and talk about those things that matter to you, and to be inspired by the collective wisdom, experience and knowledge of all brains in the room.

Each meeting has a topic to debate, and members are encouraged to bring along a specific question or challenge they may be facing.

Joining the group requires a commitment of three months participation. To find out more email

Cost: $497 +GST for three months

Your investment.

For individuals the cost of the mentoring program is $6000 +GST for six sessions paid as follows:                                                                                                                            Secure your place for one of the limited mentoring spots available with a deposit of $500 +GST                                                                  with the balance paid in instalments, direct debit preferred.

To ensure that all participants in her mentoring program receive the appropriate level of attention, Dr.Jenny only offers a limited number of individual or group mentoring sessions. To find out or more or to set up a time to find out how mentoring can help you, email Jenny at

catalyst Sessions.

If you are looking for a quick-fire pointer to get you heading in the right direction, or to overcome a particular challenge you have been facing, Dr. Jenny offers a 90 minute clarity mentoring session for $997 +GST