Brain Change Workshop: Leading with the brain in mind

Workshop Taster: Knowing Unknowns

When human brains were developing on the plains of Africa, the ability to spot anything new and treat it as a potential threat was a key survival skill - and humans became very good at it. In a modern workplace, threatening predators (at least four legged ones) are thankfully rarer but we still unconsciously scan for new 'dangers' and our deep seated instincts can still kick in. We switch to 'high alert', making us wary and defensive and diminishing our ability to work effectively with other people. Understanding and managing these ancient reactions improves how we work together.

Understand How To Lead

Brain Change is about working better with other people by understanding how our brains work – your team's, your boss's, but most importantly, your own. It will enable you to recognise the patterns of how you and other people think so you can work with the grain and find effective solutions.

Neuroscience has revealed a wealth of information about how our unparalleled ability to live as social animals has allowed us as human beings to evolve, survive and thrive. It's a vital skill for anyone, but leaders in particular will find developing their social cognition skills key to engaging and motivating their teams.

Our brain evolved to provide us with consciousness and an executive suite of thinking. It is our social intelligence, which enabled us to survive and flourish. Yet the workplace is recognised as often being toxic in the relationships and culture that develop.

A new age of leadership is on the horizon. Neuroscience has shown how our human endeavour and behaviour enhance collaboration and promote long lasting positive change.

In this workshop you will examine the workings of the human mind in relation to empathy, relatedness and leadership.
You will learn why a sense of being valued, having a sense of control of your life and being treated fairly can matter more than money.

The age of leading through technology and information is over.

Welcome to the age of the thinking leader.

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Participants learn:

  • How humans are programmed to react to empathy, relatedness and leadership
  • Why a sense of being valued, having a sense of control of your life and being treated fairly can matter more than money
  • How to put these principles into action to become a more effective leader

All workshops run as a half or full day, with ongoing mini-bite brain sessions of 60 - 90 minutes also available to cover chosen specific skills in greater depth and embed brain healthy thinking habits over a 6 to 12 month program. For more information, or to set up a course, email Jenny.

Whatever your needs, Jenny offers free 20-minute "ask any question" phone sessions. Just send me an email to arrange a time.