Hi Jenny!

Hope your camping trip was amazing!

I realised after you'd gone off the grid that I didn't really have a way of emailing you all your info as I was changing your email over to gmail! So here's the solution - a hidden page on your website :)

Okay so firstly, let's look at your email.

I have set you up with google apps. Google have just changed their rules and now charge $5 / user per month. So for you with 3 email address (3 users) you're looking at $15 / month. We have 30days to pay this so I can talk you through it when I get back.

To check your jenny@drjennybrockis.com email you need to go to:

username: jenny@drjennybrockis.com
password: brainfit!2012

and it's the same password for admin@ and info@

You can set these up on your phone or computer as well by choosing 'gmail' on your phone. If you have any trouble with this, shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

As for the website, I have shot a tutorial video on how to use it. The link for it is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2g10u9ja3wlzahm/jennybrockis.mov

And I think that's about it to get you through to when I get back on the 15 January.

Until then - sayonara!