Brain Fit Workshop: Future Proof Your Brain

As a qualified doctor, I know that just like the rest of our bodies, our brain is affected by what we eat. It's predominantly made up of fats (around 70%) and needs Omega-3 to function at an so that individual neurons function at an optimal level. If we eat the wrong fats, especially trans fats, our brain has to make do and substitutes the wrong fats into our brain architecture, which can have a dramatic effect on how well we think. It's like building a house using the wrong cement to hold the bricks together.

Tune Up

Brain Fit is all about making sure your brain is tuned up for maximum performance every day to improve your memory and clear your thinking. By focusing on proven scientific research into how the brain works, it shows you how to build your neural fitness so that you can deal with fatigue or impending information overload more effectively.

It's about more than 'mind gym' style exercises – like any other part of your body, getting your brain fit involves physiology, and that means knowing how to build a brain-healthy routine into your lifestyle, physically as well as mentally. Practice and repetition will help build your brain's resilience, and the workshop will teach you techniques to develop and sustain your abilities.

Participants learn:

  • How the brain works, and why people think and behave the way they do
  • Techniques for enhancing cognitive skills
  • Long term habits to keep thinking skills honed and fresh

One of the fundamentals of neuroscience is the brain's plasticity - its ability to renew and restructure itself based on the stimuli it receives - so Brain Fit workshops are suitable for anyone from 20 to their 80s.

All workshops run as a half or full day, with ongoing mini-bite brain sessions of 60-90 minutes also available to cover chosen specific skills in greater depth and embed brain healthy thinking habits over a 6 to 12 month program. To find out more about more about how a Brain Fit course can help you, or to book a place, contact Jenny.

Whatever your needs, Jenny offers free 20-minute “ask any question” phone sessions. Just send me an email to arrange a time.