"Dynamic, motivating and effective. So much of the information shared continues to resurface in our organisation today showing how much impact Jenny had on our management team"

PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand

Future Brain: Bringing Your Best Brain To Work and Play

It's not what we know, it's how we think and how we apply our thinking that matters.

Goal setting, performance reviews, key performance indicators have been the staple fodder of the workplace for many years.

But change is afoot because the way we do our work, our place of work and why we do our work has altered dramatically.

Becoming an achievement architect today, to stay sharp and one step ahead of the pack requires the adeptness to challenge what has always be done, and ask instead, what can be done differently to make it better?

We are moving into a new era, that of the thinking leader, because knowledge and expertise are all around us. Today thanks to Google and the world wide web everyone is now an expert. To differentiate ourselves we now need a higher level of mental agility, flexibility and innovative thinking to lead us confidently into our future.

The Future Brain Workshop can be delivered as a series of half-day workshops, a one to two-day event or as a series of modules delivered face to face or by video link.

The Program is divided into three components:

Create a Fit and Healthy Brain: Get fit first.

Operate with Greater Focus, Clarity and Reduced Stress: That's smart work.

Integrate For Higher levels of Collaboration, Change Agility and Innovation: That's high-performance thinking

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