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As a Medical Practitioner, healthy brain advocate and future mind planner I've long been fascinated by the brain and human behaviour.

My mission is to become the Jamie Oliver of brain fitness, making brain health as widely appreciated as nutrition. I believe brain fitness is the greatest disruptor to organisational health by providing a way towards elevating our own personal and professional level of achievement and happiness.

My approach to helping us overcome the challenges we face in life and work is based on practical neuroscience because if we understand why we think and behave the way we do, it's then far easier to learn what really works to produce effective and enduring positive behavioural change. I work with business leaders, educators and individuals to boost mental performance through better thinking, learning and remembering what matters.

I've worked as a health professional in a career spanning more than three decades. From Nightingale nurse to being the Principal of my own Group Medical Practice, I've chosen now to step out of my consulting room to work with people in their own environment, building better brain health and elevating performance through the understanding of what it takes to create a brain friendly high performance workplace culture.

Having learnt to speak in public (possibly my greatest personal challenge!) I'm now an accredited Member of the Professional Speakers Australia and was awarded the Rostrum Arthur Garvey Trophy in 2010 as Speaker of the Year. I now enjoy speaking with all audiences at events both at home in Australia and overseas.

As a life-long learner and confirmed bookworm I've continued my own brain's education with further study into the Neuroscience of Leadership, and have written three books "Brain Fit! How Smarter Thinking Can Save Your Brain" and "Brain Smart : How to Regain Focus, Manage Distractions and Achieve More." My latest is the best seller "Future Brain: The 12 Keys to Create Your Own High-Performance Brain" (Wiley) that has already been translated into three languages and is available as a paperback, Kindle and audiobook.

Because I love speaking and writing I do a lot of both. I'm a regular columnist for the CEO and Gloss Magazine and have written many featured articles for the press, online and print media for both business and health audiences. In 2017 I am looking forward to being a regular guest on 6PR 882 news radio and Channel 9 TV . 

Bringing our best selves to everything we do, is a conscious choice that allows us to use our magnificent brain to up-skill our thinking and embed new healthy habits. This is what enables us to thrive, adapt and flourish.

Beyond work, there is nothing I love more than spending time with my husband John and our family. Living life to the fullest, with love is what it's all about.

That's why I live by my mantra "It's not what you know, it's how well you think that matters."

Are you ready to take your thinking to the next level?



Dr. Jenny Brockis... what a dynamic, motivating and effective speaker. Dr. Jenny Brockis provided an insightful approach to how we can all integrate principles of brain fitness into our lives and work to help maintain sufficient cognitive stamina, positive mood and better thinking, so we can all get our work done and done well.

Her active participation with our staff was greatly appreciated and very effective. I'm amazed that so much of the information that Jenny shared continues to resurface in our organization to this day. This certainly indicates how much of an impact she truly had on our management team and our organisation.

Yogita Lyon- Health & Safety Manager, PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand


I write to you most sincerely to thank you for the very best start to the TEC 57 retreat we could have hope for. You most certainly laid the foundation for an outstanding couple of days.

The group loved your content, presentation style and engagement. You rated around 95% with the group, which for this group is right up there with one of the best and as the chair I absolutely agreed with them.

They really enjoyed the concept of mindfulness and we had much further discussion on this as the two days unfolded. For many of them a cluttered mind is an issue

Ted Thacker TEC 57 Chair

Jenny had the audience in the palm of her hand.Her presentation was informative, inspiring and a call to action. All in attendence benefited from this very professional presentation.
John Davey
Corporate Membership Director
The Western Australian Club
Jenny’s message is imperative for everyone living in this multi-gadget, multi-tasking world. It is frightening how much pressure we put on our most valuable possession; our brain. Jenny worked with students and teachers from our partner schools and there was nothing but praise and promises of change from all involved. The students were engaged throughout and teachers enthusiastically took notes. Thank you so much Jenny! 
Louise Pollard, Manager, Aspire UWA Student Support Services
Thank you Jenny for your engaging presentation “From Frantic to Focused” to our Perth-based staff at Rio Tinto Iron Ore.  Yours was our most popular lunchtime wellness seminar to date and shows how much interest there is in the topic!  The message is relevant to everyone who is in the modern world of information overload.  We look forward to inviting you back very soon.
Weng Ho  Rio Tinto
Thank you for your inspiring presentation! It was clear, concise talk with plenty of good take home messages. You clearly made a great impression on all our members as they are still talking about it.
Gino Saccoccio B.Sc.Grad Dip.Ex Rehab MESSA
Managing Director - Essence Lifestyle Changes
Jenny presented at the EveryWoman Business Events You as an Achiever half day seminar. Jenny is a fantastic presenter and communicator. I would thoroughly recommend her to present on any subject matter as she provided insightful information into how our brain operated and the best way to go about goal setting, she had everyone intrigued and wanting more. 
Danielle Synen
Manager EveryWoman Business Events
I have been a participant in one of Jenny’s workshops and enjoyed it immensely as did all that attended. Although much of Jenny’s content could be seen as complex, she has the ability to present it in a simple, engaging manner so all participants can relate to the topic and gain immediate benefits.
Paula Smith
Training Director
Studio West Training Solutions
Many thanks Jenny for your 'Motivational, inspirational, fun...and practical!' presentation at the Women In Business WA Coffee Club, it was educational and entertaining. 
Sue Rowe
Women In Business WA
Jenny, on behalf of the Westend Team, we appreciate the valuable contribution you have made in making our annual sundowner function a success. Once again, the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on the clients that joined us for the evening – we received glowing feedback from the attendees following the event so thank you again.
John Vieira
Managing Director
Westend Financial Partners
UWA Extension is very happy to have Dr Jenny Brockis as one of our regular speakers. Her courses have been consistently well received and attracted much positive feedback. Comments received on our Evaluation Forms include: “Jenny is a great presenter – well organised and stimulating” “Excellent presentation, great practical content” “Excellent, clear, positive, practical” “Content was fantastic and Jenny excellent” It seems clear that Jenny is able to form a good rapport with her audience and effectively deliver information to people from a range of backgrounds. From an organiser’s perspective Jenny is a pleasure to work with. Jenny communicates effectively so that our marketing and course information match the product people receive. In all her dealings with UWA Extension, Jenny is reliable and professional at all times and a most welcome addition to our program. 
Bill Grayson
Program Manager
UWA Extension The University of Western Australia
Jenny was engaged to present to my team on ‘Brain Fitness’. The presentation took the form of a slide show with Jenny providing narration throughout. Time was provided at the end for questions and answers. I can confirm that the information was delivered by Jenny in a professional manner and was well received by the audience of approximately forty participants.
 Jeff Whelan (JWHL) Chevron    
I would like to thank you for presenting at our recent lunch and learn. Your professionalism and enthusiasm for brain fitness was clear from our very first telephone conversation and was definitely conveyed throughout your presentation. All of the staff who attended reported that they found the presentation interesting and enlightening. 
Michelle Nurzenski
HSE Advisor Stockland - Western Australia
I would like to say thank you very much for delivering such an insightful, clear and interesting presentation on ‘Your brain at work’. The topic though complex was presented so simply and graphically and was enjoyed by all managers present. It empowered and motivated all of us to use our thinking skills more effectively and have a can-do approach towards our own health and wellbeing as an achievable and controllable goal. It has been great liaising with you regarding the forum and your friendly professional approach has made it a great working relationship. Thank you again. 
Maria Daniel
Senior OSH Officer
Occupational Safety & Health Unit Disability Services Commission
Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation to the Iridium Group. It was very much appreciated by all. Your presentation style is friendly, yet your expertise is clearly evident and the way in which you explain core concepts is clearly understood. 
Julie Meek
The Iridium Group
Dear Jenny, Thank you for your most enlightening presentation to our Service Leaders last week. The Service Leaders are the select group of Brightwater employees who are the main link between those who deliver the service and those who are in need of services. All Brightwater clients have individual and special needs so it is this group of Managers and Coordinators who carry the burden for ensuring each and every client have the best possible care outcomes. The Brain Fit for Life presentation and interaction was found to these important Managers and Coordinators to be both entertaining and enlightening. The ‘take home’ messages were simple and powerful and personal goals are achievable. The Service Leaders operate within quite intense work environments and your engagement with Brightwater has provided us all with a means by which to make our own improvements to our own lives. 
Dr. Michael Preece DBA RN
Manager Residential Aged Services
Brightwater Care Group December 2011
Executive Assistant Network (EAN) has approximately 3000 members, (EAs and PAs to CEOs and senior executives) across Australia and holds annual conferences across five States and Territories. The Network’s goal is to provide a range of support services, free or low-cost educational initiatives and networking opportunities designed to make it easier for EAs and PAs to become more proficient and efficient in their roles and therefore to make it easier for them to provide the levels of service now expected by modern corporate executives. Jenny presented a topic at our Perth conference in February entitled “Our brains at work: How neuroleadership can enhance collaboration and understanding”. Jenny was given a very short timeframe in which to gain insight into our requirements for this segment, the demographics of the audience and the background to the conference. Despite this she perfectly captured all that we expected from this topic. Jenny has a very calm and engaging presence on stage and made a very complex topic interesting and enjoyable for all the delegates. She connected well with the audience. Jenny did not use rhetorical statements and hackneyed clichés but provided the delegates with practical strategies to enable them to build ‘brain fitness’ and to improve interpersonal skills and to help reach peak performance. She is a very intelligent and professional presenter. It was a pleasure to work with such an astute, engaging and professional speaker. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenny to any organisation that may wish to engage her as a presenter at any conference or event. I would be happy to expand on any of the points above if required.
Helen Ainsworth
Conference and Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Network
Jenny’s presentation was of great value to our coaches in understanding the neurophysiology of how we can influence our client’ s responses during coaching sessions. Coaches took away a better understanding of the power of words on brain function. 
Eleanor Lynn
International Coaching Federation Australasian Chapter
Dr Jenny Brockis was a plenary speaker at our Clinical Update conference in Brisbane, presenting a session entitled “Resilient, adaptive and collaborative – transforming the face of general practice to meet future health care needs”. The session was informative and relevant to general practice and Jenny’s professional approach to her task was greatly appreciated. 
Dr. Eleanor Chew
Chairman Qld Chapter RACGP The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners